Summer School


Utilization of Biomass for the Production of Chemicals or Fuels


“The concept of Biorefinery comes into operation”


September 18th-24th, 2011




Hotel Orsa Maggiore,

Castro Marina, Lecce, Italy


Programme of the School




Sunday September 18, 2011


15.00-18.30    Registration   


18.30-19.15    Welcome by the organizers:

Prof. Michele Aresta, Co-ordinator of the Training and Dissemination SP, Eurobioref; Slides

Prof. Angeliki Lemonidou, WP Leader and Co-Chair of the Organizing Committee Slides

Prof. Angela Dibenedetto, Co-Chair of the Org.Comm.


Chair: M. Aresta                                                                                                 

19.15-20.00    Opening Lecture - Slides                                           

Concept of Biorefinery comes into operation: The Eurobioref project

                                   Franck Dumeignil Project Co-ordinator


20.15-20.45    Welcome cocktail     


20.45               Dinner

Monday September 19, 2011

Chair: F. Dumeignil

9.00-10.10       Refinery of the future: feedstock, processes, products - Slides

Jean-Luc Dubois, ARKEMA


10.10-11.20    The terrestrial biomass: formation and properties (crops and residual biomass) - Slides

Myrsini Christou, CRES


11.20-11.50    Coffee break


11.50-13.00    Biomass pretreatment: separation of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. Existing technologies and perspectives - Slides

Anna Raspolli Galletti, CIRCC


13.00 -13.20   Questions to the speakers


13.30               Lunch and break


Chair: A. Lemonidou

18.00-20.00    Oral flash presentation of posters Group A


P01   Catalytic hydrothermal conversion and upgrading of wet biomass feedstocks –process design and optimization - Poster

            J. Hoffman, S. Sohail Toor, L. A. Rosendahl


P02   Studies on structural, textural and acid-base properties of Ca and Sr hydroxyapatites modified with alkali metal/CO32- species - Poster

            L. Silvester, J.-F. Lamonier, C. Lamonier, R.-N. Vannier, C. Pirovano, M. Frère, F. Dumeignil


P03   Effective FeMo catalyst for the direct synthesis of dimethyl- and diethyl acetals - Poster

         K. Thavornprasert, G. Tesquet, L. Jalowiecki-Duhamel, F. Dumeignil, J.-L. Dubois, M. Capron


P04   Supported Mo-based catalysts for the upgrading of biosyngas to MeSH - Poster

            A.Cordova, P. Blanchard, G. Frémy, C. Lamonier


P05   PermSMBR - A new hybrid technology: application on a green fuel production - Poster

         C. S.M. Pereira, V. M.T.M. Silva, A.E Rodrigues


P06   Design of modified CuZnAl catalysts for higher alcohols synthesis

J. M. Beiramar, A. Sharma, P. Fongarland, A. Griboval-Constant,       A. Khodakov


P07   Conversion of cellulosic biomass into high-value chemicals & fuels: a perspective of heterogeneous and electrochemical catalysis - Poster

K. R. Vuyyuru, P. Strasser


P08   Thermochemical conversion of syngas to higher alcohols over CuZnAl catalysts - Poster

E. Th. Liakakou, E. Heracleous, A. Lemonidou


P09   Cellulose conversion into hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF): catalysis under sustainable conditions in aqueous media in absence of polluting chemicals - Poster

A. Dibenedetto, C. Pastore, P. Stufano and M. Aresta


P10   Converting wastes into added value products: from glycerol to glycerol carbonate, glycidol and epichlorohydrin using environmentally friendly synthetic routes. - Poster

M. Aresta, A. Dibenedetto, F. Nocito, L. di Bitonto


P11   Tunable and efficient catalysts for the simultaneous trans-esterification of lipids and esterification of free fatty acids from bio-oil for an effective production of FAMEs - Poster

A. Dibenedetto, C. Pastore, L. di Bitonto, A. Colucci, M. Aresta


P12   Sustainable biodiesel production from alternative oils - Poster

D. C. Boffito, C. Pirola, S. Vitali, C. L. Bianchi


P13   Direct hydrolysis of lignocellulosic on solid acid catalysts: an esplorative screening - Poster

G. Gliozzi, F. Cavani, R. Bortolo


P14   Influence of glycero purity on its liquid phase oxidation over Au/TiO2 - Poster

E. Skrzyńska, M. Capron, F. Dumeignil


P15   Conversion of selected lignocellulosic feedstocks to bio-products: an environmental LCA Study

T.O. Falano, A. Azapagic


20.30               Dinner


22.00-23.00     Poster session informal meetings



Tuesday September 20, 2011

Chair: J.L. Dubois


9.00-10.10       Conversion of cellulose and hemicellulose into platform molecules: chemical routes - Slides

David Serrano, IMDEA


10.10-11.20    Conversion of cellulose,  hemicellulose and lignin into platform molecules: biotechnological approach - Slides

Anders Frolander, BORREGAARD


11.20-11.50    Coffee break


11.50-13.00    Catalytic conversion of biosourced raw-materials: heterogeneous catalysis - Slides

Wolfgang Hoelderich, AACHEN

13.00-13.20    Questions to the Speakers


13.30               Lunch and break


Chair: A. Dibenedetto

18.00-20.00    Oral flash presentation of posters Group B


P16   Synthesis of 2,5 furandicarboxylic acid by selective oxidation of 5-hydroxymethyl-2-furfural over Au-Cu/TiO2 catalysts - Slides

T. Pasini, F. Cavani, R. Bonelli, M. Piccinini, N. Dimitratos, J. A. Lopez-Sanchez, C. J. Kiely, G. Hutchings, S. Albonetti


P17   Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol continuous process: a comparison between two-stage reactor and one stage coupled with repeated batch reactor - Slides

M. Setlhaku, E. d. A. Villa, R. Wichmann


P18   Selective hydrogenation of biomass-derived compounds by metallic colloidal suspensions stabilized by water-soluble protective agents - Slides

R. Herbois, S. Noel, B. Leger, A. Ponchel, E. Monlier


P19   Steam reforming of methanol to hydrogen-catalysts preparing and testing - Slides

J. Niziol, J. Rakoczy, K. Wieczorek-Ciurowa, E. Filipek, A. Blonska-Tabero


P20   Thermodynamic analysis of glycerol conversion to synthesis gas - Slides

K. Zenczak, P. Kozlowska


P21   Aerobic oxidation of alcohols catalyzed by gold nanoparticles incarcerated in nanoporous syndiotactic polystyrene: an insight into the reaction mechanism - Slides

S. Ortega Sanchez, A. Buonerba, A. Grassi


P22   Communities and common knowledge goods in emergence of doubly green chemistry - Slides

E. Garnier, M. Nieddu, B. Krek, C. Bliard, F.D. Vivien


P23   Production of fatty acids and fatty acid-esters for usage as biodiesel by yeasts from sugars, glycerol and lignocellulose - Slides

A. Govind Phadnavis and P. R. Jensen


P24   Rhodotorula graminis Lipids biosynthesis from renewable carbon sources for the production of biodiesel -Slides

D. Cucchetti, D. Bianchi, R. Bartolo, G. Franzosi, F. Pizza, C. Compagno, S. Galafassi


P25   Willow cultivation technology and biomass utilisation in Poland - Slides

M. Stolarski, M. Krzyzaniak


P26   Understanding of the methanol partial oxidation to dimethoxymethane: study of the Re/Al2O3 system - Slides

X. Sécordel, M. Capron, E. Berrier, S. Cristol, F. Dumeignil


P27   Characterization of the black liquors pyrolysis by Computational Fluids Dynamics

P. Martín, J. Torres, L. F. Vega and W. Chang


P28   Characterization and development of catalysts for the catalytic synthesis of fatty nitriles at low temperature - Slides

A. Mekki-Berrada, D. Grondin, S. Bennici,  A. Auroux


P29   VFA as a route to renewable transport fuel - Slides

R. Hu and Son Le


20.30               Dinner


22.00-23.00    Poster session and informal meetings



Wednesday September 21, 2011

Chair: D. Serrano

9.00-10.10      Conversion of lignin: chemical technologies and biotechnologies. Oxidative strategies in lignin upgrade - Slides

Claudia Crestini, CIRCC


10.10-11.20    Techno-economic analysis of new fermentation processes for sustainable production of commodity chemicals and biofuels - Slides

Thomas Grotkjaer, NOVOZYMES


11.20-11.50    Coffee break


11.50-13.00    Anaerobic fermentation: biogas from waste. - Slides

The basic Science

Michele Aresta, CIRCC


13.00-13.20    Questions to the Speakers


13.30               Lunch and break


15.30               Departure for the visit to Lecce and Otranto

Dinner will be served nearby Otranto



Thursday September 22, 2011          

Chair: C. Crestini

9.00-10.10      Catalytic conversion of bio-sourced raw materials: Homogeneous catalysis - Slides

François Jerome, UNIPOITIERS

10.10-11.20    Aquatic biomass: downstream technologies to FAMEs - Slides

Angela Dibenedetto, CIRCC


11.20-11.50    Coffee break


11.50-13.00    Catalytic conversion of oils extracted from seeds: from polyunsaturated long chains to functional molecules - Slides

Eva Garrier, NOVANCE


13.00-13.20    Questions to the Speakers


13.30               Lunch and break


Chair: F. Jerome

18.00-19.10    From labscale to full scale biogas plants - Slides

Alessandro Spagni, ENEA


19.10-20.00    Questions to the Speakers


20.30               Dinner


22.00-23.00    Meet the teachers: informal discussion



Friday September 23, 2011

Chair: M. Ricci


9.00-10.10      Novamont, the bio-based materials, and its experiment of system-based economy - Slides

Catia Bastioli, NOVAMONT


Chair: A. Lappas

10.10-11.20    Biomass gasification: production & gas cleaning for diverse applications: chp & chemical syntheses - Slides

Kyriakos Panopoulos, CERTH 


11.20-11.50         Coffee break



11.50-13.00     From Syngas to fuels and chemicals: chemical and biotechnological routes - Slides

Marco Ricci, ENI


13.00-13.20    Questions to the Speakers


13.30               Lunch and break


Chair: K. Panopoulos

18.00-19.10    Conversion of biomass to fuels and chemicals via thermochemical processes - Slides

Angelos Lappas, CERTH

19.10-19.50    Questions to the Speakers


20.30               Social Dinner and Show



Saturday September 24, 2011

Chair: F. Dumeignil

9.30-10.40      Cellulosic ethanol: economic and Greenhouse gas impacts – a case study - Slides



10.40-11.50    Policy aspects of biomass utilization and bio-based product chains - Slides

Rainer Bush T+I Consulting


11.50-12.15    Questions to the Speakers


12.15-12.30    Closing remarks and future activities:

A. Lemonidou and M. Aresta


12.40               Lunch-Buffet


14.00               Departure by bus to Brindisi Airport or Lecce Train Station